Nissan Le Mans 'stealth fighter'

2012-03-14 06:56

Nissan will power a revolutionary DeltaWing car in the 2012 Le Mans 24 Hours endurance race – and that’s it on the right.

The V-shaped car will not be classified at Le Mans – instead it will take the number zero with a place in the pits lane reserved for experimental cars because it does not conform to existing regulations.

However, the team behind DeltaWing intends to use the vehicle, which has half the aerodynamic drag, weighs only half as much as a conventional race car and is driven by a 1.6 turbo engine, to showcase pioneering technology.


Nissan executive vice-president Andy Palmer said: "This announcement gives Nissan the opportunity to become part of a ground-breaking motorsport project which could shape the future of motorsport.”
The sleek DeltaWing, built by American Dan Gurney's Californian-based All American Racers, has a long, thin fuselage like a jet fighter plane extending to two narrow and closely aligned front tyres.

The driver sits well back, almost between the rear wheels.

The team expects the car to use half the fuel of conventional racers while setting lap times between the Le Mans LMP1 and LMP2 categories - despite having only half the power.

The first two confirmed drivers are Britain's Marino Franchitti, who is the younger brother of Indy 500 winner and four-time IndyCar champion Dario and cousin to F1 racer Paul Di Resta, and Germany's FIA GT1 champion Michael Krumm.


  • jpstrauss - 2012-03-14 08:41

    This has been old news for almost a year now.

  • Djim - 2012-03-14 08:52

    Gearbox technology do's not look up to current levels.

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