Kubica crashes in island rally

2013-03-25 09:21

Former F1 driver Robert Kubica is probably very glad for the presence of guard rails as they may have saved his life during the 2013 Canary Islands Rally on March 23.

In a video posted to YouTube you can spot Kubica hurtling along a mountain pass before going off track and sliding his car into a guard rail.

The crash forced Kubica to retire his Citroen from the race. He might not be happy about retiring from the race but he's probably thanking his lucky stars he didn't fly off the cliff.

Watch the video!


In 2010, Kubica drove for the Eric Boullier-run Renault team - now known as Lotus - and the former BMW driver was preparing for his second season in 2011 at the time of his near-fatal rally crash.

Kubica admits he cannot currently drive a single-seater due to the limitations of his still-injured right arm, but he has not ruled out a return to F1 at some point.

It was believed the relationship with Lotus had subsequently broken down but Boullier now insists he would have Kubica back.

When asked about Lotus' 2014 lineup, Boullier said: "If Robert is completely ready for a return to formula one, he definitely would be among the candidates.

"He has a better chance than anyone else. We have some plans for this season and we will see how he copes with his work - on the track and off. Not in the course of a grand prix (weekend), but he will test with the old car."