Killarney's classic car battle

2011-10-26 10:57

Visitors to Cape Town's Killarney race track were treated to a classic Car battle between Zack Groenewald’s V8 Chevrolet de Ville and Martin Richards' monster Datsun.

The pair set nearly identical lap times during qualifying for the penultimate round of the Western Cape championship.

During the first race Shureez Brenner's Porsche GT2 turbo was unchallenged on its way to victory ahead of Dawie Joubert’s Porsche Cup car and a hard working Kosie Swanepoel, who was forced to nurse his ailing Ford Mustang.

Brenner and Joubert finished in the same order in the second race, with Johan Engelbrecht slotting into third in his class B Porsche GT3 RS.

The Classic Car events lived up to their qualifying promise when Richards and Groenewald lapped around the track. They then switched places in the second race, with a third spot going to Chris Carolin (Mazda Capella).

Marcel Angel was able to win both V8 Masters events, despite the first race being red flagged after four laps. Fabio Tafani and Craig Jarvis were next in line in the first race, with Jarvis and Charles Arton filling these positions in the final.


The Midas Clubman saw four prominent entries eliminated after two laps. Nieyaaz Modack’s Audi A4 raced to victory in both races. Achmat Achmat (BMW E36) claimed second place and Bennie Lodewyk took third place in his modified Golf.

In the second event Gavin Cerff snatched third place from Lodewyk.

The first Supercar race was the re-appearance of Veteran racer Jesse Huggett won the first Supercar race after duelling both Nick Adcock and Steve McCarthy.

With Huggett and McCarthy out of contention in the second event, Dane Angel seized the chance to take the flag ahead of Adcock and Brad Wadeley.

The opening Fine Cars event saw Clive Spolander (Jaguar XJS) and Hennie Bosman (Chevrolet Corvette), finishing first and second ahead of Jackie Swart’s Heyden Dart.

Spolander claimed first place in the final race ahead of Geoff Bihl (Porsche 944) and Swart in third.