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VW builds a 199kW Caddy 'R'

2011-04-15 09:07

VERY QUICK CUSTOMER SERVICE: If you run a courier company, perhaps you’d like one of these? VW’s new Caddy racer – one very swift panel van.

Vehicle Specs
Manufacturer VW
Model Caddy racer
Engine 2l four-cylinder
Power 199kW
Transmission Six-speed manual
VW races many vehicles globally, despite most petrolheads quite easily glossing over this fact.

Its Scirocco and Golf endurance racers do particularly well in Europe. The Touaregs dominate Dakar and locally, well, VW is the manufacturer most involved in motorsport.

Since 2004, there has even been a competition specification van racing in Britain.

With VW now having a new Caddy available to customer, well, there had to simply be a new Caddy panel van racer too. VW's latest breadvan shaped compeition vehicle was shown at the NEC commercial vehicle show in Birmingham, England, and is keen to race.

Set to compete in the Volkswagen Racing Cup, which sees Sciroccos, Golfs, Beetles, Jettas and Polos competing for position on Britain’s finest circuits as support races to the British F3 and GT championships, this new Caddy Racer will be driven by Simon Elliot – VW’s commercial vehicles director for Britain.


Based on the new Caddy (available in South Africa since March), this racing panel van is not a case of simply sticking competition numbers on some pit lane support vehicle.

Powered by a highly tuned version of VW’s 2-litre turbo engine, producing 199kW (basically the Golf R engine, for all intents and purposes), and driving the front-wheels via a six-speed transmission with quick-shift linkages, this racing Caddy will comfortably outrun most hot hatches in a straight line.

Obviously, the standard Caddy rear suspension (a utilitarian leaf-sprung arrangement) was rather unsuitable to high-speed cornering around challenging circuits such as Outlon park and Donington, so Elliot got his technicians to swop it for a Golf6 multi-link set-up.

With adjustable dampers up front, larger brake rotors hiding behind 18-inch alloys and rolling Hankook racing slicks, the Caddy racer is a seriously focussed competition car.

The best part of it? With 3 880-litres of stowage capacity, this is one racing car that can lug its own spares and maintenance equipment from circuit to circuit.



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