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WATCH | This Toyota SA rally sand test ad with Giniel de Villiers for the #Dakar2020 is so dry, but absolutely funny

2020-01-02 15:00

Charlen Raymond

dakar,giniel de villiers

Image: Instagram / Toyota SA

We're on the doorstep of the 2020 edition of the Dakar rally.

And while teams and drivers are roaring to get the world's most grueling endurance race underway, team Toyota South Africa took a rather different approach to preparations.

Seeing that this year's race will be staged in Saudi Arabia for the first time, the team thought it'd be a good idea to prepare local hero, Giniel de Villiers, for the sandy conditions.

Clearly paying homage to the sandy stereotypes of the desert state, De Villiers is buried deeply in a mountain of sand with only his head sticking out.

And if you thought there'd be a punchline or some light humour at the end of the video, well... the video itself is stupidly hilarious. And it gives a pretty clear indication of what De Villiers and co. can expect come 5 January 2020.

Watch the video below:

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