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WATCH | Another silly Toyota ad - Here's why Saudi's heat will have nothing on Giniel de Villiers at the Dakar

2020-01-04 09:00

Charlen Raymond

toyota,giniel de villiers

Image: Instagram / Toyota SA

Giniel de Villiers is one of South Africa's most decorated motorsport participants. 

Having won the Dakar in 2009, the South African will be looking to repeat the feat eleven years later. Albeit in the crushing heat of Saudi Arabia!

To prepare for what's to come, Toyota Gazoo Racing and de Villiers took to a sauna where the Stellenbosch-born driver was exposed to the steamy conditions. And how!

De Villiers sat down in his full racing gear, with sweat beating down his face. Given that he'll be strapped in a non-air conditioned Hilux for hours on end, he had no choice but to endure the test. It still makes us laugh anyway.

*wipes sweat off forehead* We're hot just looking at the video!

According to Wheels24 reader Dave Court, there's no crazy heat this time around: "In January its winter there and cool to cold, remember its the Northern hemisphere.

"The current temperature is about 16 to 10 degrees, it even snows in the northern regions....

"They are not at all going to feel the summer heat which only starts in May." 

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