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Rally vet swops petrol for batteries

2014-11-26 12:04

TOUGHEST CHALLENGE YET: Albert Bosch heads up the 100% eco-powered Team Acciona at Dakar 2015. Image: Dakar

PARIS, France - Albert Bosch is all set to tackle his ninth Dakar as the first driver to go 100% electric. A challenge worthy of this adventurer extraordinaire.

He just cannot say "no" to a challenge. Bosch, a Dakar regular, has completed the rally on a motorcycle (51st in 1999) and in a car (29th in 2001).

Since his last appearance, a tireless adventurer who has the "Seven Summits" under his belt, has been on a solo trans-Antarctic journey on foot which took him 67 days but now he is back with a project involving a technological challenge of the highest order.


The Catalan driver will set off from Buenos Aires at the wheel of a 100% electric buggy.

Bosch said: "I've got a long history at the Dakar, and now I want to prove that motor sports and caring for the environment aren't two mutually exclusive concepts."

Success hinges on the vehicle designed by Team Acciona 100% Eco-Powered, with batteries providing enough juice to drive 250 to 300km in one go. The Dakar rule book for the green energy category has been tweaked to help him along.

In the vein of refuelling posts for motorcycles, Bosch will be able to call on his mechanics to help him switch batteries at certain points (CPs, special starts, etc.).

Bosch's crew will include Agustín Payá, the engineer who designed the prototype and a three-time Electric Racing Series European champion.

Sparks are about to fly!

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