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Reader: Hummer killer's offer

2013-04-24 06:28


"WHAT UTTER GALL" Fiona Seedat hopes that Indi Hamalindi Chiyabu (right) spends a good portion of his life in jail.

In April, we reported that Indi Hamalindi Chiyabu had been convicted of culpable homicide after crashing into three motorcyclists, killing two of them and injuring one, has offered to pay the victims' families compensation.

Chiyabu offered R700 000 and was willing to negotiate a "six figure amount."
reader FIONA SEEDAT believes that Chiyabu is trying to "buy" his way out of trouble:

"I would not be the Wheels24 first person to wonder about my value or worth to this world and my family, so I think I shall pay a visit to Chiyabu and ask him to calculate my value. He seems to think he has a gift for assigning a monetary value to human lives.


What utter gall, to offer the families of the deceased money to make his problem disappear. Does he have any idea what a prosthetic leg costs or medical bills for rehabilitation for a lost leg?

He ruined a man’s life, took away his mobility and independence and deprived him of his father. He greedily took two lives and ran away, the fact that he turned himself in is not a saving grace. Clearly, his solution to all problems is to run away and when that fails to buy his way out of trouble.

I hope that the Coetzee and Kruger families show Chiyabu that absolution cannot be bought and what he took from them cannot be replaced with a convenient price tag.

I cannot blame him, though, for thinking he could make such an offer, it has worked for a particular ‘famous’ SA personality who paid compensation to the family of the person he killed – if I remember correctly he was driving drunk.


This set a precedent for people with money and influence who have no respect for mere human lives except their own.

Chiyabu, you belong to an elite club of people who consider themselves supreme beings not to be bothered by the ‘little’ creatures who occupy this world.

I sincerely hope that you are made to realise differently and that you have to bear the consequences of your rash actions on that fateful day. May you spend a good portion of your life in a small jail cell where you have your movement curtailed and experience some of the difficulty with which Pieter Coetzee Jnr has to live."
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