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Ford C-MAX 'fastest electric car'

2012-08-08 10:06

ELECTRIC AND FAST: Ford US said the top speed of the Energi plug-in hybrid is more than 32km/h higher than competitor Toyota'S Prius. Image: Ford US

Ford has claimed its new 2013 C-Max Energi plug-in hybrid is the fastest in its category with a top speed of 137km/h.

The Blue Oval is also touting a US Environmental Protection Agency-certified five litres/100km combined.

The battery-only top speed of the C-MAX is 32km/h faster than its nearest competitor, the Toyota Prius, and the car offers three driving modes: EV for battery power on demand, normal for battery/petrol and a battery-saving mode that saves battery pack energy for later use.


Joe Bakaj, in charge of Ford's power train engineering, said: "The C-MAX Energi uses technology in new ways to provide customers smart choices in maximising their energy use based on where and how they drive.”

The base C-MAX, for the dollar equivalent of R244 800, will be available in the US in 2013. Ford also announced the vehicle gets equal fuel consumption, city and highway.

Bakaj added: "The all-new C-MAX Hybrid is a great symbol of how Ford has transformed into a fuel-economy and technology leader with five litres/100km across the board and a highway rating nearly a litre per 100km better than Toyota Prius v," said .

C-MAX Hybrid is currently available for order at select dealerships in the US. The car can go as fast as 100km/h in electric mode and has a base (US) price of R212 169.


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