ClimAir: Fresh air, breeze to fit

2013-04-03 20:01

Steaming up. It happens to all cars, especially those without aircon, when the windows are closed. So how to let in fresh air while keeping rain and sticky fingers out?

Germany’s ClimAir products, recently arrived in South Africa, provide one answer. Its wind deflectors fit inside the leading and top edges of car and bakkie window-frames and are pressed into and encouraged to stay in place by the window glass.

Initial fitting is easy - the products even come with a link to a self-help video. No screws, no adhesive; power or manual-winding windows.


They form a sort of curtain-pelmet on the outside of each opening window so the glass can  be lowered by a few centimetres to let in fresh air while keeping out rain - vehicle moving or parked. The same "pelmet" deflects excessive airflow into the car while on the move, allowing windows to be fully open without blowing the children out the back.

ClimAir, based in Frankfurt, Germany, was established in 1987 but today claims to be the leading manufacturer of premium quality wind-deflectors and sun protection systems for vehicles. The company supplies 66 (March, 2013) automotive brands with products to fit more than 4000 car models and these are now available in SA for the first time.

Each set of ClimAir wind deflectors is produced in a choice of three shades and require no cutting or trimming - “Profi”  deflectors for front side windows and “Master” deflectors for the rears. They are made of high-quality cast, but flexible, 3mm acrylic and, once mounted, can't be removed when the host door and its window are closed.

The come with a 10-year guarantee.


In South Africa, where security is at times a concern at traffic lights, having a window down is not an option. With ClimAir’s wind deflectors you can open your window slightly and it isn’t visible to anyone outside of the car. Wheels24 hopes you don't smoke in your car or bakkie but, if you do, a set of ClimAir deflectors will allow fresh-air circulation.

It's not a cheap product - a set of deflectors ranges upwards from R790.

Wheels24 has had a complimentary set on a Chevrolet Spark for some months without any problem. Fitting, as promised, was easy once we accepted that bending the acrylic to fit wasn't going to break it!

Visit ClimAir for more information and online orders or, if in South Africa, call 021 853 0491.


  • Mario Venancio - 2013-04-04 08:32

    1 liter brandy two liter coke and 3 liter ford...... that is the window bubbles that every car has in welkom :P

  • Juann Strauss - 2013-04-04 10:52

    You can get those from Autoworks in Milnerton, Strand and Observatory.

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