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Ultimate Koenigsegg comes to SA!

2008-10-14 08:07

This 758-kW Koenigsegg CCXR is probably among the most desirable examples of automotive machinery around and this super machine will be exhibited at the upcoming Johannesburg International Motor Show.

The R30-million CCXR Limited Edition (of which only six were produced) develops 758 kW at a heady 7 200 r/min and 1 080 Nm at 5 060 r/min from its twin-supercharged 4.8-litre V8.

CCXR Limited Edition is two metres wide and has an overall height of just over one metre. Of course, it also has an impressive power to weight ratio aided by liberal use of carbon fibre and other lightweight materials.

This allows the Swedish supercar to rocket to 100 km/h in 2.9 seconds and a top speed of 410 km/h (and not 310 km/h as previously noted), the manufacturer claims. And all this is possible while running on biofuels…

Showgoers are cautioned to get as many happy snaps with this stunner as possible - it leaves the country immediately after the show.

However local importer Daytona Group has said that two CCX Limited Edition models, with 662 kW and 920 Nm on tap, have already been sold locally.

This means that those missing out on the CCXR at the show may still have a chance to see an example of Swedish might on wheels.


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