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The pure definition of a supercar slayer: Meet the world’s most insane RS6 build right here in SA!!

2018-07-26 12:39

Gerick Mouton, Images - Elmer van Zyl

Image: Elmer van Zyl

Gerick Mouton, the man who brought us the first supercharged Audi RS4 back in 2012 and the first completely modified Prior design Audi R8 V10 has done it again…but this time he really went mad!

Wheels24 reached out to Gerick to learn more about this insane build which was officially launched on Saturday, 14 July 2018 at the Warstore in Rosebank.

Leaving supercars in its wake

Gerick tells us that his idea stemmed from the fact that the Audi RS6 is such an iconic car in the Audi stable, especially in Europe, and that he wanted to bring back some of the legacy which it lost over the past decades but with an African flavour.

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For one, the RS6 is a sports-focused executive tourer and high performance family car, which you can drive as a daily or else you can put it on the open road and do a cross country run complimented by style, luxury and power.

                                                                            Image: Elmer van Zyl

The standard RS6 has sufficient power up on the high-veld to leave any V10 normal aspirated supercar idling at the traffic light (Gerick experienced this himself when he still had the V10 R8 and his wife in the prior RS6 gave him a proper lesson in acceleration).

"Not only did I want to bring back the feel of a proper high performance cross country tourer, it also needed an old style roof basket you know, for all the stuff you drag along but seldom use."

                  Alan Coleman & Angeline Mouton revealing the green monster (#diavelkmii) on 14 July 2018 at the Warstore in Rosebank

On the other side, the RS6 does not come with a spare wheel and should you hit a pothole between Pofadder and Springbok, the chances of finding another 21" ADV1 wheel complete with a Pirelli Zero tyre is well, zero.

To remedy such a situation, a proper ADV1 spare with a tyre is placed on the lightweight Thule Canyon XT roof basket should something like that ever occur. And for SA, whilst driving at night through the Karoo, you need to see, so we fitted 4 x Primelux LED spots which can shine from here to Timbuktu!

                                                                     Image: Elmer van Zyl

The military theme, well that came with the great military green 3M wrap and the inspiration of Alan Coleman, owner of the Warstore in Rosebank – before this my RS6 called #diavelgp was matte black and all of a sudden the entire world population who owns a RS6 made theirs matte black in 2017. It was time to shock the world!

An RS6 not to be messed with

So, we needed to do something "out there" which hopefully nobody in the world will copy. You will also find small detail of the old RS2 (mid 1990’s) on the RS6 – modified front and rear badges and the big Quattro sign between the rear tail lights is a subtle giveaway.

                                                                            Image: Elmer van Zyl

                                                                     Image: Elmer van Zyl

We went for the military green 3M wrap and according to Gerick, the team at 3M and the experienced car wrappers, Cazzmania – this is the first and only RS6 in the world with this colour.

We then developed a wide body kit in-house at Race! which involved many hours of research and development – it came out so good that it looked almost OEM! Further upgrades saw the fitment of a Miltek full sports exhaust and added KW adjustable race suspension.

With a stage 1 ECU upgrade from Wulfchiptegnik, the car produces around 521kW (700bhp), enough to eat any supercar alive whilst it’s carrying a full load roof basket.

                                                                        Image: Elmer van Zyl

Total price including car purchase and modification comes to a whopping R2.2 million.

Tips for custom building an Audi – well it all depends on what model. If it’s an RS it will cost you plenty of money – so start saving! Other than that you get away on the cheaper side by just doing a cool wrap and something different with the wheels.

The complete design was done by Gerick and all the work was successfully completed by the experienced team from RACE! in Johannesburg. Special thanks go to the following people who invested time into the project:

Marco Casciani (Owner), Bradley Smith, Sander Goldberger, Jason Lowe, Ferdi Reichel, Ruan Kriel, Brandon Kriel and Kyla Morgan from RACE! - 


I had lots of help from Chris Leeson at Cazzmania, Elmer van Zyl for the great photography Facebook: Auditude, Twitter: @elmervanzyl, Instagram: @elmervanzyl, Alan & Roxanne Coleman from the Warstore and my wife Angeline for always supporting my crazy car ideas!

Specifications summary:

Audi RS6 C7 Performance V8 4.0 Bi-turbo Stage 1 ECU Upgrade by Wulfchiptegnik
522kW (700BHP) & 926Nm
KW Adjustable Race Suspension
Miltek Full Sport Exhaust
ADV1 Deep Convex 21” Wheels with Pirelli PZero
RACE! RS6 Wide Body Kit
Military Green 3M Wrap
Thule Canyon XT Roof Basket
Primelux LED Spotlights
The War Store Accessories

Follow Gerick on Instagram: @gerickmouton

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