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COMMENT: 40 dead no 'accident'

2011-09-01 00:17

"WE'RE DISAPPOINTED" That's what the road traffic authorities had to say after 15 children died in this school bus.

The Road Traffic Management Corporation,bless it, says it is "disappointed" by the behaviour of bus operators over the past three weeks.

"Disappointed"? Merely "disappointed"? And over only the past three weeks? Dear, oh dear, where HAVE you been sleeping while "your" people have for years been paying to be slaughtered?


FORTY of "your" people are dead, guys, and that's only in the past three weeks. You should be bloody well raging, you should be horrified, you should be up and off your backsides and doing something instead of merely quoting from the government's "What To Say When Things Go Wrong" manual and spouting the usual "we are shocked and saddened..." tripe.

Four "public transport" accidents, 40 dead men, women and, worst of all, children, sacrificed on the altars of incompetence, carelessness, and plain, simple greed.

"The results of these accidents are due to unroadworthiness, overloading and tyre bursts," RTMC acting CEO Collins Letsoalo said in a statement he probably never even wrote. "We are not only shocked and saddened by these accidents, we are disappointed by the operators for still failing to adhere to simple road rules even as we call on them to do so."

Well, Letsoalo, here's a news flash for you... an accident is something unexpected, something unintended. Failing to maintain brake systems, failing to check and correctly inflate tyres, failing to replace blown light bulbs, failing to maintain steering systems, forcing drivers to cover excessive distances without rest or replacement... none of those is "an accident".

What it is, is murder and "your people" should be outside your office howling for action.


Earlier, transport minister Sibusiso Ndebele said all buses and taxis on South Africa's roads would be stopped and checked with immediate effect. Why only now? Here's the most recent death toll:

In the past week, 32 people, 15 of them children, died in three bus crashes.

Eleven 11 died in the Eastern Cape on Tuesday night when their bus overturned near Aberdeen.

Five more died in Gauteng when their bus overturned near the Murrayhill toll plaza, north of Pretoria, on Tuesday afternoon.

Fifteen children and the driver drowned near Knysna when a school bus rolled into a river.

Letysoala said bus operators would be arrested if investigations showed there were mechanical failures because of negligent maintenance.

"It is not acceptable that we keep on losing lives of innocent people unnecessarily," he said. "We are declaring war on unscrupulous operators who place profits ahead of peoples' lives."

We hope "your people" are waiting and watching..

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