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Want to use less fuel while driving? MasterDrive SA discounts eco-driving program

2019-02-27 08:59

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Estimates predict there will be a fuel price increase of at least 67c for petroleum and 84c for diesel. 

Coupled with this, the fuel levy of 29c and 30c respectively due to be implemented in April means motorists can expect extra strain on their pockets. For businesses, this all affects the bottom line.

Impact of eco-driving

MasterDrive implemented a policy last year which was meant to ease the strain that continual increases placed on their pockets in 2018.

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"We have decided to continue the policy this year. We are holding off on a price increase until June," explains Eugene Herbert, managing director of MasterDrive.

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"Yet, a hold on price increases alone cannot have as great an impact as what it could when combined with eco-driving. As a result, we are offering corporate an additional 40% discount on the eco-driving program," says Herbert.

Cost-saving methods

Over the course of a year, a fleet can see major savings from eco-driving. 

"A vehicle travelling 3 000km per month (at 10L/100km) can save R5 000 each a year. When you multiply this by a fleet of 100 this results in a cost-saving of almost half a million Rand a year.

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"Drivers in your fleet are taught how to reduce petrol consumption, on average, by between 15% and 18%. Additionally, eco-driving courses include safe driving techniques which reduce the chance of costly and tragic accidents. Eco-drivers tend to be safer drivers," says Herbert.

With the fuel levy being partly comprised of a carbon emissions tax, the importance of eco-driving to reduce your impact on the environment is brought under the spotlight. 

"Reduced fuel consumption automatically reduces your carbon footprint. Additionally, MasterDrive is looking forward to restarting their carbon offset programme where we ensure a number of trees are planted this year and various other initiatives. 

"MasterDrive is committed to looking after the well-being of their customers and the environment," says Herbert.


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