Extended DLTC hours for Gauteng

Testing centres in Gauteng have extended hours of operation for expired drivers' licences.

On the road during lockdown

Here's what motorists should know.

SEE | Fuel prices increase on Wednesday, here are five fuel-saving tips

2020-06-30 18:34

Sean Parker

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• Petrol and diesel increases from Wednesday July 1

• Many South Africans have returned to work after the lifting of lockdown restrictions

• We look at several fuel-saving tips to consider

Petrol will increase by R1.72 a litre and diesel will increase by R1.73 the Department of Energy announced. This translates into a price of R15.12 per litre inland, and coastal regions will fork out R14.42 per litre of petrol.

Diesel users, meanwhile, will be charged R13.03 in Gauteng and R12.43 in coastal areas. The Automobile Association said the main reason for the rise in fuel prices is the rebound in international oil prices, Fin24 reported

While citizens' movement was restricted due to the nationwide lockdown in response to the coronavirus, we have the lifting of certain travel restrictions. Many people have returned to work either with private or public transport. 

It's ironic that during the period South Africans' travel was restricted we saw the petrol price take a steep decline in the first few months lockdown. 

The reality is that motorists will be paying more for fuel, but there are ways to use less fuel. And with many people back on the roads, we pulled out some of the our tried and tested fuel-saving tips. 

fuel saving tips


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