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'Ridiculous! How are we supposed to live?' - motorists share their thoughts on SA's 'biggest fuel price hike' yet

2018-09-21 13:35

Janine Van der Post

Image: iStock

South African motorists are bracing for the biggest fuel hike yet at the end of September and the public just can't keep up. 

The AA said: "A spike in international oil prices and a huge swing in the Rand/US dollar exchange rate have combined to predict a knockout blow at the pumps at the end of September. Based on the current data, petrol users will be paying R1.12 more per litre." 

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The AA says diesel users who will be hit hardest, with a possible price hike of R1.38 per litre, pushing diesel to nearly R18 per litre inland.

The AA said: "To put this in perspective, should this increase materialise, it will push the price of 93 unleaded octane fuel inland close to R18 a litre, off a January price of R14.20 – a total increase of around 20%, year-to-date."

Fuel hikes have been excessive and so has the general cost of living for South Africans, and naturally the poorest of the poor are hit the hardest. 

We asked Wheels24 readers how the fuel hikes are impacting their lives and what they have had to change just to be able to adjust to the ever-increasing fuel hikes.

Read what they have to say below:


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