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Record-high fuel hike: Here's how much you'll be paying for petrol in SA

2018-07-04 13:57

Robin Classen

The price of petrol has increased by 82 cents to more than R16 a litre - the highest South Africans have paid for fuel in decades.

In an article by Wheels24 in May, the highest grade of inland fuel has risen from R13.76 to R14.97 since January 2018.

No relief motorists

The trend continues as the price jumped from R14.97 to a high of R16.02 in July.

Record SA fuel price hike - here's how much more you'll have to pay for fuel

The price of fuel due to the weakening Rand and an increase in global oil prices, according to the Department of Energy.

July sees an increase in both 95 inland fuel with R15.80 and R16.02 respectively. The coastal figures for 95 grade of fuel increase from the previous month to R15.43.

How are you coping with the latest fuel hikes? What have you and your family being doing to cut costs just to be able to afford fuel?  Email us

So let's say you drive a small car down at the coast with a 35-litre tank. That means you''ll now be paying about R540 to fill up your tank with 95 unleaded fuel while those living up the Reef will pay R560 a tank. 

Or, if you drive a diesel vehicle up the Reef, you'll pay about R722 for a 50-litre tank.

Below is a list of the current prices for petrol in South Africa.


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