SA racing legend Gugu Zulu would have turned 41 today

One of South Africa's most successful motorsport driver's Gugu Zulu would have celebrated his 41st birthday today. We take a look at his career highlights.

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Record fuel price hikes: Are you driving less in SA?

2018-09-03 10:03

Khaya Dondolo

Image: iStock

South African motorists have been hit hard by fuel increases in 2018. According to economists, South African motorists should prepare to dish out more than R17/litre by the end of 2018.

Although the minister of energy, Jeff Radebe, is looking into action plans to reduce fuel costs, for the time being, many road users are looking for ways to curb costs. We asked readers whether they've changed their driving habits, read the results of our poll at the end of this article. 

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Data specialists Lightstone and Tracker partnered to uncover the effect of fuel increases on consumers in SA.

How has your driving behavior changed with the ongoing fuel price hikes? Email us

Lightstone and Tracker reveal that fewer motorists are using SA's roads:

With record-high fuel prices affecting all motorists, we asked readers weather they've changed their driving habits; the impact hasn't changed the frequency of our readers taking to the road as 47% of respondents said they "drive less" said they haven't changed their driving habits at all 46%.

Interestingly, 3% said they've joined lift clubs/carpools and 4% said they use public transport now.


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