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'Not a good idea!' - Readers respond to pumping your own fuel in SA

2018-01-19 09:18

Janine Van der Post

PETROL VS. DIESEL: Filling up with the wrong fuel can lead to serious engine damage. Image: iStock

Cape Town - For decades many US motorists have pumped their own fuel at filling stations. Many European countries also exercise this fuelling practice. 

However, this is a concept that is almost unimaginable for many South Africans.

We asked readers whether they would want to pump their own fuel? The majority of readers (10698 votes) believed that having local motorists fill up their cars would lead to unemployment.

Although, more than 7000 believe it would speed up the filling process at fuel station. 

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One Wheels24 reader, Andre Louw, writes: "I've been lucky enough to live and work in multiple countries where you pump your own fuel. I’ve done it in UK, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium, Luxembourg, Canada, etc.

"I’ve never been so happy to give up this one thing we get in SA. I miss steri stumpies, I miss the smell of rain in the Karoo, but I love filling up my own car.

"Here are the benefits:It urges me to inspect my car a little bit more, meaning that I’m more aware of what’s going on with my car, but the number one reason is that because it feels more like a nuisance, you normally fill up rather than quickly stopping for R100 or R4.77 with the last of your student allowance.

"The unemployment of the attendants is a bigger problem in SA though, maybe start opening one pump for self service..."

E Dunn says: "My only reservation on this is the resulting loss of jobs. Having said this, we have seen the arrogance of the past, so the chances of any real sympathy from drivers is slim. Another point is disabled people. I for example drive a motor car but having no legs precludes me from filling my own vehicle."

Myrna Bradfield: "I would most definitely prefer to fill up my own vehicle at the petrol pump. I would then be sure when I drive off that every thing I wanted done is done properly. Properly cleaned windscreen and all water bottles filled with all their caps properly screwed on. In the Uk they actually provide plastic gloves so that no residue of diesel or petrol is left on hands."

Would you want to the choice to pump your own fuel? Would this practice work in SA? Email us and tell us why!

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