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10 common fuel myths busted in SA

2017-05-26 10:41

Image: Automobile Association

Johannesburg - With fuel prices on a constant rise, most South Africans are probably trying to consider every means possible to save on fuel consumption, and the cost there of, every time a top up is required in the tank.

However, cars are not what they used to be, and technology has improved how cars work and just how efficient they can be now, compared to yesteryear.

Manual vs auto?

We've been made to believe that every time you start your vehicle, it guzzles fuel. Yet, today there's really intelligent stop/start technology that shuts your car off while in traffic to help it conserve fuel. Or, the fact that smaller vehicles will leave you with a smaller fuel bill. However, manufacturers have upped the ante and fuel efficiency has been drastically reduced that larger vehicle consumption's are almost on par with cars in smaller segments. 

Or is it better to drive a car with a manual tranmission, than an auto gearbox ? 
Wheels24's Janine Van der Post says: "When I was growing up, my father would always drive with the car's two left wheels on the yellow line. When I asked why, he would say it makes the car "use less fuel". And, because he was my dad, I believed him - even though he was just joking.

The Automobile Association has put together this awesome fuel saving myths infographic on which tips actually works.

Infographic by Automobile Association
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