Meet VW's SA-bound baby SUV, the T-Cross

A disguised prototype of the T-Cross, VW's new baby crossover SUV, is being tested on public roads.

WATCH: Bentley's new 467kW Continental GT

The new third-gen Bentley Continental GT boasts 467kW, 900Nm and a top speed of 333km/h.

'Huge fuel drop relief for motorists, but levy impacts are unknown' - AA

'Massive fuel price reductions are expected for December, but these could be tempered by adjustments in the retail and wholesale margin, and the possible continued use of the Slate Levy', according to the Automobile Association.


SA car industry appeals for more talks on petrol price relief

2018-11-20 06:57

The South African Petroleum Retailers Association says further discussions are needed before decisions can be made on petrol price relief for consumers.

SEE: Petrol price getting you down? Global fuel prices - most expensive to cheapest

2018-11-21 10:00

The most expensive fuel prices in the world can be found in Asia while the cheapest price for petrol remains in South America. We list some global fuel prices.

Good news for SA! Motorists to receive a 'substantial breather' in fuel price – AA

2018-11-15 12:06

"Large reductions in fuel prices are being forecast for December," according to the Automobile Association commenting on mid-month fuel price data,

SEE: Think SA's fuel price is too high? Here's what other countries are paying for petrol

2018-11-14 12:30

Fuel prices have been a regular discussion among South African road users throughout 2018 as motorists reel from record-high fuel prices. We look at fuel prices around the world.

WATCH: Here's why petrol remains critical for cars and why it will still be important 50 years from now

2018-11-08 05:30

Petrol is the lifeblood of any modern car, without all you'd have is an expensive garage ornament. Check out this cool video explaining the history of fuel and significance in the automotive world.

SEE: Global petrol prices

The recent fuel hikes have been taxing on South African motorists as the price of petrol could reach R16/litre. We list some fuel prices globally.

Bavarian battle: BMW, Audi car sales in SA

07/03/2018 09:43 'They might be neighbours in Germany but they are bitter rivals here. Is the junior German luxury brand gaining on BMW in SA?' asks Lance Branquinho as he compares BMW and Audi's local sales.
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