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Wolff not accusing Ferrari of 'illegal' engine

2018-07-23 14:35


Toto Wolff has played down reports Ferrari's 2018 power unit could be 'illegal'.

"We do not ask ourselves that," said the Mercedes boss.

'It's not our attitude'

At Hockenheim, with Ferrari clearly now leading in the horse power stakes, rumours swirled that a supposed trick with Ferrari's turbocharger had some rivals suspicious.

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"It's not our attitude. We don't point the finger at other manufacturers. Instead, we ask ourselves 'Have we missed something," Wolff added.

However, he admitted that talks with the other manufacturers and the FIA will take place.

"We're working very closely with the FIA and also with the other manufacturers, but most of it is not in the public.

Meetings such as this take place all the time to discuss various topics that have nothing to do with the Ferrari engine specifically." said Wolff.

Asked if he is 'worried' about Ferrari's engine power boost, Wolff answered: "Yes I am.

"But if Ferrari can make a step like that, then we have to be able to as well."

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