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WATCH: What's going on with Kimi Raikkonen in this video?

2019-04-15 14:11

Janine Van der Post

Kimi Raikkonen

Image: / AFP

We're used to seeing Kimi Raikkonen keep his cool yet a clip has surfaced showing the Alfa Romeo Racing acting bizarrely following  the Chinese Grand Prix...

Kimi Raikkonen can apparently party as hard as he can drive his Formula 1 car and his drinking attics are the stuff of legend.

Earlier in 2018, Raikkonen  admitted going on a 16-day drinking bender during his F1 career.

The Finn's former party lifestyle is not a secret but in his biography, 'The Unknown Kimi Raikkonen', he admitted that in 2012 he drank for 16 days between two grands prix.

Are his party days resurfacing? Planet F1 posted a video of the Iceman coming out of a building with a glass in his left hand.

He is seen carrying a bottle of water, before the glass drops out of his hand and smashes to the floor. His posture and behaviour looks questionable. 

What do you think happened prior in this clip prior to it being posted? Email us  just for fun.

We reckon the legendary driver was just having a smashing time celebrating the 1000th race. He is after all the oldest driver on the current and the most experienced. Or perhaps he just overslept and needed to catch a flight in a hurry?

When in China, right Kimi?


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