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WATCH: This 4-year old is Lando Norris' biggest fan and McLaren made his dreams come true

2019-08-08 08:29

Janine Van der Post

logan hartley mclaren

Image: Twitter

Earlier in June, Sarah Hartley posted this video on Twitter about her 4-year-old son Logan imitating McLaren driver Lando Norris in his Formula 1 car in a make-shift vehicle made from a cardboard box below.

The very next day, the Woking-based factory team contacted his mom and invited her son to come and see the real car, and they also had a little surprise for him.

The team said in their post: "Impressive driving skills! We'd love to invite you to our HQ in Woking to see the real thing if you'd like that? Maybe our engineers can check out your car too?"

They built Logan his very own MCL 34- BE version of Norris' car, made out of cardboard and presented it to the young lad at their offices.

Little Logan was beyond thrilled. Something like this could live in this young boy's heart forever and hopefully spur him on to be a Formula 1 rookie for the works-team one day.

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