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WATCH | #RIPAnthoineHubert - A 'gentle explanation' of what went wrong

2019-09-04 14:35

Leigh-Ann Londt

Anthoine Hubert

Image: AFP

The sudden death of Hubert, who was killed on Saturday (August 31) during a horrific high-speed crash mere minutes into a Formula Two race, has rocked the motorsport world. 

Hubert's death had a huge affect on Formula 1 drivers competing during the 2019 Belgian Grand Prix. Many drivers and teams turned to social media to share condolences to Hubert's family and pay tribute to the deceased young star. Read their responses at the end of this article.

The guys at  Chain Bear F1 seek answers to Hubert's tragic crash.

Chain Bear F1 said: "Following the death of Anthoine Hubert in the Formula 2 feature race at Spa, I thought I'd try and break down what happened in the least graphic way possible. I mulled over how to present this for a long time but know a lot of people will be seeking answers so I wanted to put something together that would allow some understanding without having to seek out the footage."

Formula 2

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