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WATCH | Minttu, Emilia, Egle - the wives and girlfriends of Formula 1 drivers

2019-10-19 10:00

Robin Classen


Formula 1 is all about the cars and its drivers - naturally - but what about their wives and partners rarely picked up by the camera?

And as the saying goes, behind every man is a strong, beautiful woman.

Kym Illman compiled a comprehensive list of drivers spotted with their wives or girlfriends either at the track or simply out enjoying the day.

Racing their 'first love'

Some drivers are rarely seen with their partners at the track like Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel who keeps his wife and children completely out of the limelight. His personal life is exactly that - personal. Another example is Alfa Romeo driver Kimi Raikkonen, who has only been spotted once holding his wife Minttu's hand when in his race suit. But then again, he is not called the 'Iceman' for nothing. However, having seen other footage of Raikkonen with his wife and two children, there is a warmth that hints at a very different man off the track.

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Other drivers like Mercedes' Valtteri Bottas show more public affection by kissing his wife, former Olympic swimmer Emilia, after one of his first great qualifying sessions.

A change to the list is Ferrari driver Charles Leclerc, who recently broke up with his girlfriend, Italian model Giada Gianni, who he had been dating since 2015. The couple reportedly broke up quite recently because the star-driver wants to focus on his career. His reason sounds similar to Lewis Hamilton who had broken up with his long-time girlfriend Nicole Scherzinger a few years ago.

It's clear that these guys take their racing very seriously, but when all is said and done, they are loving partners and family men to these stunning women.

Check out the video:

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