Extended DLTC hours for Gauteng

Testing centres in Gauteng have extended hours of operation for expired drivers' licences.

On the road during lockdown

Here's what motorists should know.

WATCH: Max Verstappen previews the Chinese Grand Prix

2019-04-11 13:07


Image: AFP

An interview with Red Bull's Max Verstappen ahead of the Chinese Grand Prix.

Verstappen says: "I hope to get a good balance in the car for the race. It's quite hard on the tyres here in China, especially those long corners like Turn 1 , and all the long exits as well.

"We are really relying on getting good grip in the rear, and to find a good balance is not really easy in that especially with the cold temperatures at the moment."

"There are a lot of passionate fans here when you get to the airport and they wait for you a the hotel because they try to find out where you sleep.

"It's great. Thy even give you gifts all the time and I think it's great to have those fans around the world." 

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