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WATCH | 'F1 has always been a purist sport' - SA's world champ Jody Scheckter responds to Clarkson's Formula 1 rant

2019-08-05 11:05
Jody Scheckter

Image: YouTube

WARNING: This article contains videos featuring harsh language

Earlier in July, The Grand Tour host Jeremy Clarkson shared his dismay and disapproval of what Formula 1 has become.

"I want that sport to be exciting again," said Clarkson in a recent expletive-laden YouTube video. He says he would rather watch a "bunch of flowers grow" than view an F1 race.

WATCH: How to fix F1? 'Dangerous driving is what the fans want!' - Jeremy Clarkson

Following the release outburst, Jody Scheckter, South Africa's 1979 F1 World Champion, responded to Clarkson's outburst.

Scheckter, a former Ferrari driver also aired some of his gripes in F1: "The thing that aggravates me the most is these grid penalties and I can see no logic in it when somebody has a crash and damages the gearbox, they have to go back on the grid? What are they going to say? 'We won't do that again?'

"If the wheels come off coming out of the pits, they do the same thing. And that spoils the sport."

Jody Scheckter_jeremy clarkson

Scheckter also shared his thoughts on Clarkson's comments: "It's all right when you sitting in a pub and having a few drinks and saying you want to have dangerous driving. And I know in my time it was massively dangerous, you know one to two drivers were killed every year. Today it's much safer, there'no question about that."

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Watch Jody Scheckter views on F1:

Watch the video below to see what Clarkson believes is wrong with F1:


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