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WATCH: Did Hamilton disrespect Schumacher?

2015-11-09 09:51

NOT GOOD ENOUGH: Michael Schumacher's fan club has slammed Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton's attempt at damage control after 'disrepecting' the seven-times champion.Image: AP

London, England - The president of Michael Schumacher's fan club has refused to accept Lewis Hamilton's denial that he disrespected the seven time world champion.

Last week, the fan club president Reiner Ferling caused a stir when he warned Hamilton that "Pride comes before a fall", after a German tabloid quoted the new triple world champion as making some comments about Schumacher.

Hamilton reportedly said: "I've never done the things that Michael did to win my titles. I won mine with my natural abilities only."

'Switch his brain on'

Ferling said: "Hamilton should probably switch on his brain before he talks. He should (also) learn about what Michael achieved."

Watch: Were Hamilton's comments about Michael Schumacher insensitive?

Apologised on Instagram

But in a statement to his 2-million Instagram followers and "all the Michael Schumacher fans, I want you to know how big a fan and admirer of Michael's I am.

Hamilton said: "Please do not believe all that you read."

But fan club president Ferling hit out at the 30-year-old's back-pedalling, telling Kolner Express tabloid: "I see this as a feeble attempt at damage control and can only assume that Lewis' management has advised him.

"To say that one should not believe everything you read is very easy. If he really wants to appease us, he should explain why he said what he said.

"This just leaves a bitter aftertaste."


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