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WATCH | Boris Johnson isn't just the United Kingdom's Prime Minister; he can also change the tyre on an F1 car blooming fast!

2019-12-06 08:19
Boris Johnson pit stop

Image: ITN

Prime Minister of the United Kingdom Boris Johnson is better known for his work in politics but in this video he attempts to change a tyre on a Formula 1 car.

He might not be as fast as the Red Bull pit crew during this year's Brazilian Grand Prix when they changed Max Verstappen's tyres in 1.82-seconds, smashing the world record for the fastest F1 pit stop in the process. But, he isn't half bad at all!

Not exactly record-breaking

With Red Bull pit crew members in attendance at the headquarters in Milton Keynes, blonde-haired Johnson took 16.5-seconds to change the front left tyre, coming nowhere near any sort of record. 

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Upon this evidence, it is safe to say that he should not pursue a career in motorsport anytime soon. Max Verstappen definitely won't be happy with that during a race.

Compiled by: Robin Classen

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