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WATCH: Aww! Hamilton confesses his PlayStation love for 'Ice Man' Kimi during an F1 press conference

2018-06-27 15:27

Cale Nuttall


Following his victory at the French Grand Prix, Lewis Hamilton shared his F1 journey at a press conference.

It's well known that ever since he could hop into a kart, Hamilton has always aspired to be a Formula 1 racer. What is less known is Hamilton's admiration for veteran  Raikkonen.

Player select, Kimi Raikkonen

Hamilton said that before he became a racer, he used to play F1 on his PlayStation. He said that he would always used to choose to drive as the 'Ice Man' and dreamt about racing against him.

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After revealing this 'secret' about his now rival, Hamilton reminds Raikkonen about the respect the younger generation has for drivers like him. Hamilton even went as far as to refer to him as a Legend.


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