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Vettel 'at the crossroads of his career' - Webber

2019-06-06 12:21

AUSSIE GRIT: Former Red Bull driver Mark Webber who raced in the world endurance championship for Porsche will retire at the end of the season. Image: AFP / Jean-Francois Monier

Mark Webber says his former Red Bull teammate Sebastian Vettel is "at the crossroads".

Challenged by his new and young teammate Charles Leclerc, and under pressure from the fans and media amid an ongoing run of mistakes and no wins in 2019, speculation about Vettel's career is in overdrive.

Australian Webber, who had a fraught relationship with Vettel while the German won four consecutive titles at Red Bull, senses a change in the 31-year-old.

When asked about the retirement rumours, Webber said: "Everything is possible in Formula 1.

"It's confusing, because he often still seems hungry and aggressive.  Then at other times he's relaxed when he finishes second or third, and I wouldn't expect him to be satisfied with that," Webber told Austria's Servus TV.

"He needs to decide what he wants in the next few years.  It's really a fine line to continue to succeed.

"He is definitely at the crossroads of his career, even mentally," Webber added.  "Only Sebastian can answer that for himself.

"But one thing is certain, and it's that Ferrari also needs to improve."


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