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Verstappen says he's faster than Ricciardo

2017-09-28 11:52

Image: AP /Joshua Paul

Germany - Max Verstappen thinks he is driving better than his teammate Daniel Ricciardo this year.

That is despite the fact the young Dutchman has not scored even half the amount of points compared to his fellow Red Bull driver Ricciardo.

'The speed is there'

But Verstappen says it's all about the reliability of his car.

The 19-year-old told Auto Motor und Sport: "What can I do?

"I just have to see the positives of the season, which is qualifying.  The speed is there."

"Even in the race I was always in good positions before I failed."

He rejects the notion that his driving style is somehow contributing to his constant technical problems.

He added:"My approach is right, so why should I change something?  I am fast."

"We can see from the telemetry that I don't do anything wrong or different to Daniel.  It's just funny that the problems on race day are always on my car."

Still, Verstappen says he is consoled by the fact that he is regularly beating Australian Ricciardo in qualifying.

"Daniel was always known as a fast qualifier.

'I am faster'

"He is very fast.  But I am faster this year by three or four tenths on average.  That's a lot of time."

And so with a Mercedes or Ferrari at his disposal, he is "100 per cent convinced" that he would be fighting for the title.

Verstappen said:"I am very self-confident. I am also honest and straightforward - I do not lie.


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