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Vandoorne not looking to leave McLaren

2018-05-14 08:43

MAKING HIS MARK: Belgian rookie Stoffel Vandoorne made the most of his one-shot chance during his F1 debut at the 2016 Bahrain GP for McLaren-Honda. Image: AFP / Mohammed Al-Shaikh

Spain - Stoffel Vandoorne insists he is not eyeing a move to another Formula 1 team.

The Belgian entered F1 as a highly rated rookie, but so far McLaren has struggled both with Honda and now Renault power.

Vandoorne's reputation is arguably being damaged, also because he is alongside Fernando Alonso, who is normally ahead of him.

Vandoorne happy with McLaren

But the 26-year-old told El Pais: "I don't think there is much between Fernando and I.

"Fernando is one of the most complete drivers on the grid in terms of getting everything from the car he drives, but we are not as far apart as it may sometimes appear."

And so Vandoorne said he is happy to stick with McLaren.

"I do not look at any other option except McLaren," he insisted.

"I have a very good relationship with the company, I occupy a very important position and I think the team has a very high potential for the future.

"Despite not having met expectations, there is a group of people who are very capable of designing a fast car," said Vandoorne.


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