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Valtteri Bottas thinks overtaking is easier in 2019

2019-03-01 09:44

Image: AFP

Valtteri Bottas has joined a growing number of drivers who think overtaking will be easier in 2019.

Initially, there was great scepticism about the changes to the front wing rules for this year. Red Bull denounced it as a waste of €15 million per team.

Improvement is felt

But some drivers, including Daniel Ricciardo and Kevin Magnussen, have reported positive findings after following rival cars during winter testing in Barcelona.

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"You can feel there is more drag, and that alone improves slipstreaming because the guy in front is creating a bigger hole in the air," Mercedes' Bottas says.

"Everyone is talking about the front wing, and I also have the impression that it has become a little easier to follow a car.

"But I think the bigger effect will be the (larger) DRS. All in all, I think overtaking will be easier.

"If you follow now, the car feels more stable and the handling is more predictable. We are moving in the right direction.

"People also thought the new aerodynamics would slow us down, but I don't believe that either," Bottas added.


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