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Valtteri Bottas signs 1-year deal with Mercedes

2017-09-13 14:14

Image: AP / Luca Bruno

Singapore - Valtteri Bottas will race for Mercedes again next year after being given a one-year contract on Wednesday.

Exceeding expectations 

The driver has exceeded expectations after stepping in as an emergency replacement for Nico Rosberg, who retired from Formula 1 days after winning last year's title.

Despite having only modest results during his time with the Williams team, Bottas has won two races and formed a solid partnership with three-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton.

Bottas in good form

Bottas is third in the standings and has secured a further seven podium finishes in addition to his victories.

Despite his good form, Mercedes seemed hesitant whether it would keep Bottas next year. Wednesday's announcement means that both drivers will race for Mercedes in 2018.


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