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Uncertain Williams future for Sirotkin, Kubica

2018-10-01 12:48
lance stroll williams singapore


Williams' driver lineup for next year is not set in stone.

The struggling British team is set to lose Lance Stroll to Force India, but it was believed Williams would need to at least retain Sergey Sirotkin and his backing by the Russian bank SMP.

'I will not wait until December'

But SMP boss Boris Rotenberg told Tass news agency: "There is no agreement for next season, first we are still in this season."

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Also unclear is whether reserve driver Robert Kubica is under consideration.

"I don't want to be in a situation like last year. Everyone should have their deadline and their honour. There is no decision yet, but it should be quite soon.

"I will not wait until December," the Pole told Eleven Sports.

'I will make my own decision'

He added that he wants to return to racing in 2019, and said switching to another series is possible.

"The situation when it comes to Formula 1 is not easy, but there are also opportunities to be somewhere else. For me it's quite transparent.

"I am waiting but if nothing happens, I will make my own decision," said Kubica.


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