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'They wanted too much' - Correspondent says McLaren 'lost focus' in 2018

2019-01-24 09:47
McLaren suzuka


One of struggling McLaren's biggest problems is that it "lost focus".

That is the view of Peter Nygaard, a correspondent for the Danish newspaper BT.

'They wanted too much'

McLaren is one of Formula 1's greatest ever team names, but last year failed to recover in the wake of the Honda divorce and for 2019 has lost Fernando Alonso.

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"One of the reasons is that they lost focus," Nygaard claims.

"They wanted too much. They wanted to race at Indy, in GT racing, and so on. But F1 must be their core focus."

Nygaard thinks McLaren then entered a downward spiral that culminated in management disputes, with Zak Brown now at the helm.

"When you're a big team and you start losing in the way they did, you start to blame each other, and internal disputes arose all through the team," he said.


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