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The heat is on! Hottest Formula 1 races on record

2017-08-11 07:31

Rouel Van Nelson

Image: Formula 1

Cape Town - From the scorching Detroit sun to the desert-like temperatures in Bahrain, here are the hottest races ever recorded on the Formula 1 calendar. 

Real hot laps

There is no escaping from the hot sun once the lights go out at the start of the race, with drivers having to contend with engine temperatures within the cockpit and the hot weather for the duration of the races.

Coming in at number 5, the 2008 Australian GP reached a maximum of 38.2 degrees during the race.

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When Lewis Hamilton was questioned about the weather, he replied by saying: "Not too bad...". 

The 2007 Brazil GP saw crashes galore as drivers struggled to cope with the near 40 degree heat, while constructor teams resorted to putting massive chunks of ice blocks on motors during the 1984 Dallas GP.

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