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Swiss hospital says FCA CEO Marchionne died of 'serious illness'

2018-07-27 15:03


A Swiss hospital has defended itself amid wild speculation surrounding the death of Ferrari president Sergio Marchionne.

Some have reported that the 66-year-old Italian Canadian may have died after a routine operation on his shoulder.

'One does not dies of a shoulder operation'

Il Giornale newspaper reported that there had been "sudden and unexpected complications".

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"One does not die of a shoulder operation," La Repubblica added.

Actually, it is believed Marchionne - a heavy smoker - died after a battle with lung cancer, with the complications being a brain embolism or cardiac arrest.

"Due to a serious illness, Mr Marchionne was treated for more than a year. With all possibilities of cutting edge medicine exhausted, Mr Marchionne unfortunately passed away," Zurich University Hospital said in a statement.

Ferrari parent Fiat Chrysler, meanwhile, said it has "no knowledge of the facts relating to Mr Marchionne's health" beyond the shoulder surgery.


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