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'Stupid idiot steward' - Haas boss criticises stewards in Russia

2019-10-02 10:59
haas team

Image: AFP

Gunther Steiner may be in trouble with the FIA for criticising the stewards in Russia.

The Haas team boss told Kevin Magnussen on the radio about a "stupid idiot steward" who penalised the Dane for the way he rejoined the Sochi track after an incident.

Breaching the sporting code

But according to Germany's Motorsport-Magazin.com, the criticism has caught the attention of the FIA who may now take action against Steiner.

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"We're all here to do our jobs, whether it's the teams or the officials or anyone else. We have to have mutual respect," race director Michael Masi is quoted as saying.

It is claimed that Steiner could somehow be penalised for breaching the International Sporting Code in relation to bringing the FIA into disrepute.

"The FIA has its various judicial procedures. If something inappropriate was said, the people in charge of these judicial processes who were not involved in the event can take a look," Masi reportedly said.


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