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Singapore GP: Crashes, top moments through the years

2016-09-16 14:46

Charlen Raymond

SPECTACULAR! The Singapore GP is home to some of F1's most spectacular crashes and scandals. Image: Instagram / CrashF1

Cape Town - The 2016 edition of the Singapore GP is upon us and over the years the race delivered its fair amount of spectacles.

Ranging from insane overtakes to crashes into the barriers, the night race in Singapore is one of Formula 1's hot spots for action packed races.

The inaugural race in 2008 saw perhaps the biggest race fix in the sport's history when the Renault team rigged the strategy to grant Fernando Alonso the win.

In 2012 F1 great Michael Schumacher misjudged his braking point and rammed his Mercedes into the rear of Toro Rosso driver Jean-Eric Vergne.

And former F1 driver Mark Webber often put on strong showings at the GP and never gave an inch in his on-track battles.

Starting with the 2015 race and working our way down, here are some classic moments from the #SingaporeGP.

2015 - Race highlights

Check out the highlights from the 2015 race when Mercedes suffered a bizarre slump in performance.

Ferrari's Sebastian Vettel capitilised on Merc's woes and grabbed a fantastic victory.

2014 - Hamilton vs. Vettel

During his final year with Red Bull Racing, Vettel's poor performance continued to plague him through the 2014 Singapore GP.

During the race, championship leader Lewis Hamilton made light work of the four-time world champion - making Vettel look like a lower-tier rival.

2013 - Ricciardo crashes out

Still in his Toro Rosso days, Daniel Ricciardo did all he could to squeeze as much out of his racer as humanely possible. It proved to be an especially important race for the then rookie as a potential Red Bull seat was on the cards.

The pressure during the race proved too much for the young Australian and he crashed into the barriers.

2012 - Schumacher's bad run

It was Schumacher's (second) final season in F1, one that was marred by crashes and questionable driving. At the 2012 Singapore GP, it was no different as F1 legend hit Vergne's Toro Rosso.

They shared a friendly embrace afterwards.

2011 - Hamilton vs. Massa

Hamilton and Felipe Massa have had a numerous battles over the years, but whereas Hamilton became more competitive, Massa seemed to have gone backwards.

Still, Massa has a competitive streak and he was relentless in his battle with Hamilton at the 2011 Singapore GP, until the Briton clipped his Ferrari.

After the race Massa was clearly upset...

2010 - Kovalainen, Kubica, Webber vs. Hamilton

Catching fire

Heiki Kovalainen was never a great F1 driver but he was brave and made of sterner stuff than his rivals.

At the 2008 Spanish GP, for example, he crashed into the barriers and experienced over 40g's of lateral forces. A year later at the Singapore GP his car caught fire.

Both times he walked away as if nothing had occured!

Great overtakes

Robert Kubica should have had a great future in F1 but after suffering a horrific rally crash in 2011, in which he almost lost full function of his right hand, he's career was cut short.

He had to retire from the sport, but not before using his years in F1 to show what he was made off. 

Webber vs. Hamilton

Australian Mark Webber experience a mixed run in F1; winning a handful of races through the years but never a championship.

The closest he came to grabbing a title was in 2010 when he dueled with then-team mate Vettel, ex-Ferrari driver Fernando Alonso and former McLaren ace Hamilton.

Hamilton attempted a pass on Webber, but the Australian was in no way about to give up the position.

The inevitable ensued...

2009 - Grosjean's missing mojo

During his first stint in F1, Romain Grosjean struggled to find his groove. Lack luster performances and questionable driving forced the French rookie out of the sport almost as fast as he entered F1.

Part of what led to his F1 demise was poor showings and silly mistakes like these...

2008 - Massa, 'crashgate'

Massa, whoa!

2008 was the only year Massa had the opportunity to challenge for the F1 championship and he was locked in a heavy battle with Hamilton.

Massa eventually lost the title to the Briton that year, but not before a season of bad luck, poor strategy calls and team/driver errors came into play.

The infamous 'Crashgate'

The biggest and most famous memory from the Singapore GP came in 2008 at the inaugural race.

Alonso returned to Renault after a tumultuous season with McLaren the year before and the team was nowhere near winning a race.

Team boss Flavio Briatore, head engineer Pat Symonds and second-driver Nelson Piquet Jnr. conspired before the race for Piquet Jr. to crash at a certain part of the track on lap 14. Alonso made his pitstop stop on lap 12 and two laps later the plan was carried through.

After the track was cleared and racing resumed, it was Spaniard Alonso leading the field and taking the victory ahead of Nico Rosberg (Williams) and Hamilton (McLaren).

Investigations ensued and Braitore, Symonds, and Piquet Jr. were found quilty, and being handed respective bands from F1. Alonso claimed he knew nothing about the plans and continued racing in F1 - to this day.


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