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'Schumacher's comeback did not detract from his success' - Reader responds to the F1 great's legacy

2020-06-12 11:20

Charlen Raymond

michael Schumacher,f1,ferrari,formula 1,mercedes

Michael Schumacher. Image: Getty Images

• Anthony Briggs believes Schumacher will always be an F1 Great

• His 2010 return did not tarnish his reputation

• Schumacher helped developed Hamilton's race-winning Mercedes

Earlier in June 2020, Wheels24 published a story on Michael Schumacher, questioning whether or not the Red Barron made a mistake by returning to the sport after three years away.

In it, we questioned whether or not the return to Formula 1 tarnished Schumacher's legacy, and if he should rather have remained retired. His 2010 return did not go according to plan and, in the following three seasons, Schumi only recorded one podium finish.

That Schumacher still had the drive compete was not up for debate, but it became apparent that his time away did impact the killer instinct he was so famously known for.

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michael Schumacher,f1,ferrari,formula 1,mercedes

Michael Schumacher. Image: Getty Images

Still one of the best

Anthony Briggs, a die-hard Schumacher fan, wrote to Wheels24 and raised his opinion on what he thought of the great German. Briggs did not mince his words, and had concluded with a stellar statement.

Briggs wrote: I am a huge Schumacher fan and believe that he was, and is, one of the best. His comeback did not detract anything from his successes achieved in the sport. There are a few things that make him stand out from the rest. though.  

In his first career, he was always in contention for the title even - when his car wasn't up for it. In the year he broke his leg, and therefore was not in contention, he did a lot to assist his team mate, Eddie Irvine, when he made a return to racing. I recall one race where he gave the lead to Irvine twice!

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If, that time, there had been as many races in a season as there are now, his number of wins would have been significantly higher. 

Schumacher had an incredible ability to develop a racing car, which brings me to one question: What do Schumacher and Lewis Hamilton have in common? Both won multiple titles in a car developed by Michael Schumacher!

michael Schumacher,f1,ferrari,formula 1,mercedes
Michael Schumacher. Image: Getty Images

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