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Rosberg sings, giant wasp attacks... 6 memorable moments from the Italian GP

2016-09-05 07:49

Charlen Raymond

MEMORABLE MOMENTS: Daniel Ricciardo dodging a wasp is one of many great moments from the 2016 Italian GP. Image: Wheels24

Cape Town - Mercedes' Nico Rosberg dominated yet another race with a superb victory at the 2016 Italian GP, his seventh of the season.

Rosberg snatched the lead from team mate Lewis Hamilton on the first lap, dominating throughout.

The Italian GP delivered its fair share of racing moments including Rosberg singing from the podium and Daniel Ricciardo fending off a giant wasp during an interview.

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A major bombshell was dropped after the race when it was announced that  F1 1 will be sold later in September  for billions!

Below are six memorable moments from the Italian GP:

1 Hamilton botches the start

Hamilton delivered a stellar lap to grab pole position during qualifying at Monza. Given his form during qualifying he was poised to take yet another race victory. If Hamilton were to win, he’d take his third successive Italian GP victory and reach the the third most wins in F1 history (52 victories). Unfortunately, Hamilton suffered a disastrous start and by the first corner had dropped from first to sixth place.

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Hamilton would eventually recover to finish the race in second place.

2 Rosberg dominates Monza

Rosberg was in a class of his own. After qualifying more than half a second behind Hamilton, F1 pundits knew Rosberg had a fight on his hands at Monza. Much to Rosberg’s surprise, Hamilton botched the first lap.

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Rosberg dominated the race and finished a staggering 15 seconds ahead of Hamilton. He trails Hamilton by a mere two points in the Drivers' championship.

3 Huge first-lap crash

It was a day to forget for a number of drivers involved in a first-lap crash. Sauber’s Felipe Nasr tangled with Renault’s Joylon Palmer. Nasr would eventually retire after the damage he sustained in the incident though Palmer’s race was over before it truly began.

4 Alonso’s bungled pit stop

McLaren-Honda duo, Fernando Alonso and Jenson Button, had nothing to fight for at the Italian GP though despite having a slow racer the least the team could do was ensure swift pit stops. During a bizarre stop, the pit crew kept Alonso stationary for much longer period than was necessary. The crew switched his tyres, but instead of being given the green light, Alonso was forced to stare at a red indicator instead of rejoining the race.

Alonso had some choice words on the team radio…

5 Who knew Rosberg could sing? 

Nico Rosberg is having a tough time on F1 podiums; he's either booed and disrespected when he finishes in second or third place and praised by crowds for winning as seen at the Italian GP.

Rosberg grabbed the microphone and launched into Italy's theme song from its 2006 World Cup soccer victory, encouraging the fans below to sing along to the White Stripes anthem.

Oh, oh-OH-oh oh OHH OHH - Talk about playing to the crowd.

Skip to the 19-second mark and witness 'Rosberg the conductor':

6 Ricciardo attacked by giant wasp

During a live F1 interview, Daniel Ricciardo was interrupted, somewhat rudely, by a giant wasp. The flying insect was captured swirling around the Red Bull ace cutting the interview short.

Special mention:

Finally, someone told Sebastian Vettel he's been wearing the wrong cap!


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