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Ricciardo performs a 'shoey' - top 5 moments from the Chinese GP

2018-04-16 09:50

Robin Classen


China - From Daniel Ricciardo performing his first 'shoey' of the season to Max Verstappen's disastrous race, here are top 5 moments of the 2018 Chinese GP.

Assured driving from Ricciardo lands the win

Sparks flew and there were crashes aplenty at the Chinese GP but that didn't stop Daniel Ricciardo from taking the chequered flag in China.

Purposeful and assured driving from Ricciardo saw him cut through the grid, strategically overtaking five cars on the way to finishing in pole position.

After a touch between Toro Rosso team mates Pierre Gasly and Brandon Hartley which left debris on the track, the safety car was introduced. Red Bull chose this moment to pit for fresh tyres.

The decision proved to be a masterstroke, with the Red Bull driver finishing ahead of Mercedes driver Valtteri Bottas in second and Ferrari's Kimi Raikkonen in third.

What's your favourite Chinese GP race moment? Share your thoughts with us  and we'll add your top moment to our list.

Top 5 moments - Chinese GP:

5. Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel collision

4. Not Hamilton's best performance

3. Toro Rosso collision

2. 100th GPs for Bottas

1. Daniel Ricciardo comes out tops in China


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