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Refuelling return would not fix F1 - Horner

2019-06-26 11:12

Image: AFP / Andrej Isakovic

F1 figures are not very enthusiastic about the idea of bringing refuelling back to the sport.

With Mercedes utterly dominating, many are wondering how Formula 1 should be spiced up ahead of the sweeping rule reforms for 2021.

Antti Aarnio-Wihuri, a former sponsor of Valtteri Bottas, told the Finnish media that he thinks bringing refuelling back to the pitstops would help.

"If the cars are going at exactly the same speed, overtaking is of course quite difficult," he said.

"Something should be done about it.  I would bring back refuelling."

But Red Bull's Christian Horner does not agree.

"Go back and watch the races when we still had fuel stops.  They were some of the most boring we have seen," he told Speed Week.

"The strategy is then dictated by the amount of fuel you put in the car, and I don't think that does anything for the show."

Mercedes boss Toto Wolff agrees with that analysis, but he also thinks the sport should look closely into what measures might have a positive impact.

"Refuelling brings a certain entertainment and uncertainty factor," he said.  "It also makes the cars much lighter at the start of the race so the drivers can push a lot harder.

"We need to analyse everything carefully so that we make the best decisions."


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