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Massa accepts Verstappen apology

2017-04-19 12:21

MASSA ACCEPTS APOLOGY Felipe Massa has called a close to the latest controversy surrounding Max Verstappen.Image: AP/Bruno Luca

Bahrain - In Bahrain, the Dutch teenager hit out at Brazil as a nation following a qualifying run-in with Felipe Massa.

Massa responded angrily, and the Red Bull driver duly apologised via social media.

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When asked about the apology, Massa said on Tuesday: "To tell the truth, he was hot headed and said things he should not have.

"But I get along really well with him, I have no problems with him and to be honest, I was only playing with him," Massa is quoted by Brazil's Globo.

"And I think he understood, because he apologised and that's the way it should have gone.  He's a cool guy, a great driver and I'm sure with age, he's going to get better." 

Bahrain test

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