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Perez not judging future team mate Stroll

2018-08-30 14:49


Sergio Perez isn't sure what to make of Lance Stroll.

It is strongly rumoured that, after Sunday's Italian grand prix, Stroll will make the switch to Force India.

Perez unsure of Stroll

The Silverstone based team has just been bought by Stroll's billionaire father Lawrence.

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Perez, to be his teammate, isn't sure what to expect.

"It's difficult to know a driver when you're not racing alongside him.

In Formula 1 there is so much difference between the teams that it's hard to judge a driver. Williams is in a position of great difficulty so it's very difficult to judge.

I think Stroll has grown up and now has good experience after two seasons, so we will see what he is able to do," Perez added.

Perez also commented on Daniel Ricciardo's 2019 move from Red Bull to Renault.

"It's an interesting move. It will show how strong the battle is in the middle group. It will also be interesting to see him against Hulkenberg - I think he will have some difficult times with Nico," he said.


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