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Miami to have 'no impact' on Canada GP

2018-05-03 10:21

Image: AP / Luca Bruno

Cananda - Canada GP promoter Francois Dumontier has played down the impact another Formula One race in North America will have on the Montreal event.

It has emerged that Liberty Media and prospective promoters of a street race in Miami, Florida, are nearing a decision about whether to organise an event for 2019.

'It it happens, it happens'

"The Commission took an important step by adding an item to their upcoming agenda, that, if approved, will make way to bring formula one to downtown Miami next season," revealed F1 commercial boss Sean Bratches.

It if happens, it will bring the number of North American races up to four, including Montreal, Austin and Mexico.

But Montreal organiser Dumontier told La Presse: "The Miami GP will have no impact on us.

"F1 is in charge of the logistics aspect, and we just signed a ten year contract that will take us to 2029," he added.

Dumontier also said Canada's June race date is safe, insisting changing it "has never been part of the discussions I've had.  I don't see this issue coming up".


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