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McLaren, Williams plight saddens Hamilton

2018-10-05 09:47


Lewis Hamilton says he is sad that two of Formula 1's most famous names are now struggling at the back.

The quadruple world champion and Mercedes driver started his career at the then-powerful McLaren team.

'They're so far behind'

"I'm sad that they're so far behind. I'm just as sorry that a team like Williams, which I grew up watching, is also not at the front.

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It's crazy that the team that had drivers like Nigel Mansell and Damon Hill and won so many world championships is so far behind.

And I was once in the McLaren family and it's because of them that I made my debut in F1. They've been having problems for a very long time," Hamilton told Belgium's F1 Journaal.

Hamilton said he hopes the major changes scheduled for 2021, including vastly different technical regulations and a budget cap, helps those teams.

"I really hope there is light at the end of the tunnel for them. No matter what is decided by Liberty Media, I hope that 2021 helps them to put things in order and perform better," said the Briton.


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